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Our team consists of Fadil Brija, a former Chief Assessor/Assistant Commissioner of the New York City Department of Finance with over 30 years of experience in valuing and reviewing properties for tax purposes. Fadil Brija and Ben Celaj served as New York City Tax Commissioners conducting hearings on over 10,000 commercial, residential, industrial and other properties. Paul Gjonaj brings to the team many years of experience in property management and real estate development.

Fadil Brija, began his career in the property tax field in 1987 with the New York City Department Of Finance
In 1987, began working with the City of New York, Department of Finance, Real Property Assessment Bureau and Equalization Unit.  Responsible for valuing and reviewing property assessments.

In 1993, he became the Assessor-In-Charge for The Bronx Property Division  

Performed supervisory and administrative work, interpreted policy and implemented agency programs, participated in high-level conferences with city officials, attorneys, realtors, civic groups and religious organizations.  Reviewed and physically inspected high value properties for tax purposes.

In 2003, Fadil became the Chief Assessor of the Property Division for the City of New York Department Of Finance
As the Chief Assessor, was responsible for all assessors citywide in discovering, listing and valuing over a million properties, for ad valorem tax purposes.  Oversaw the general valuation process.  Calculated the market value of all real property citywide.  Participated in the selection of new CAMA technologies.   Assisted in the development of the assessment guidelines.

In 2006, Fadil became New York City Department of Finance’s Assistant Commissioner – Property Division

Directed the valuation of all property in the City of New York for the annual tentative and final assessment rolls.  In 2008, this comprised over one million parcels with a market value of $807.4 billion.  Directed, supervised and oversaw the development of new appraisal methodologies and the introduction of new technologies related to the assessment process. Directed, supervised and oversaw the development of new standardized policies and procedures to produce fair and accurate assessment rolls that are transparent and easily understood by taxpayers.  Planned and coordinated joint outreach sessions with the Tax Commission for taxpayers to learn face-to-face how their properties are valued.  Directed, supervised and oversaw a staff of 165 employees in the Property Division.

In 2008, Fadil served as New York City Tax Commission - Commissioner

Pursuant to the Charter and State Law, served as an independent arbiter.

Reviewed and analyzed the documentation and information filed on the tax appeal forms with the Tax Commission and corrected the assessments of real property where warranted. Conducted face-to-face hearings on more than 1400 apartment rentals, coops, retail, offices, banks, fast foods, hotels, gas stations, warehouses, factories, garages, parking lots, vacant land and other properties for the last three years.

State of New York Office of Real Property Services

State Certified Assessor (New York City)

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