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Five-Borough Expertise

Celaj, Brija and Gjonaj offer the best representation for real estate owners seeking to pay their fair share of property tax - those seeking equitable property tax reduction through administrative and legal proceedings to achieve assessment reductions through the appeals process. Our vast knowledge of the Department of Finance's assessing policies and procedures puts us ahead of others in successfully reducing our clients' property tax assessments throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

Our firm has over 30 years of experience in valuing and reviewing properties for tax purposes, both for the New York City Department Of Finance, and as commissioners for the New York City Tax Commission. We have conducted hearings on over 10,000 commercial, residential, industrial and other properties, ensuring that property owners pay only their fair share of property taxes.
will establish our clients’ current tax status and provide them with the most beneficial options relative to their specific situation. If an assessment is excessive, we can assist owners in reducing their real estate taxes by protesting via the New York City Tax Commission, and if necessary, commencing judicial review proceedings in the Supreme Court in an effort to lower the real estate tax assessment.

We have:

  • The most recent and unrivaled municipal experience
  • State of the art technology
  • Access to market reports and municipal assessment data
  • Five-borough assessment valuation expertise

Celaj, Brija and Gjonaj offer an opportunity to appeal the property assessments for real estate owners who are seeking real estate tax relief through the annual appeal process. We will give your matter individual attention, examining every aspect of a property's taxation in order to have the best chance at success in getting a property tax reduction while continuously keeping you updated throughout the lengthy process.

Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Tax Appeals With The Tax Commission
    • Once we perform the assessment analysis and determine the reason for the excessive assessment, we proceed to appeal with the Tax Commission.
  • Review Values with Hearing Officers/Assessors
    • We know exactly how the assessment review process works, and what factors influence the Tax Commission’s determinations.
  • Review and Analyze Real Property Financial Statements
  • TC201 and RPIE Consulting

 Consider checking us out – you’ll find relief with CBG.

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Tax Rates for Tax Year 2020/2021 -> Class 1-21.045%, Class 2-12.267%, Class 3-12.826%, Class 4-10.694%.

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